How you set and maintain your DOC 200 and 250 traps will determine your trapping success.

Setting traps and simply getting them out there is half the job when it comes to predator control, right? In fact, maintaining those traps, consistently trying and testing your trapping methods, and getting the basics right are the keys to lifting those kill counts and successfully creating pest-free habitat that will be safe for kiwi and other native wildlife.

Ready to take your trapping to the next level? This free Trapping 101: DOC Trap 12-Step Checklist resource, created by Save the Kiwi National Predator Control Advisor John Bissell, is designed to make trap implementation and maintenance less daunting and more user-friendly. Simply print it out, share it with your group (and further afield – the more, the merrier!), and start seeing great results in your traps.