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Ki te kore tātau e tiaki i te Kiwi, ka ngaro atu i te wao tapu nui a tāne. Hono ki te take tumata nui, ki a hoki te kiwi ki te wao tapu nui a Tāne.

The kiwi could disappear from our forests if we don’t work to save it now.

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Rebuilding the kiwi population starts with just one kiwi. Become a regular donor and help us return kiwi to where they used to live.

The battle we face

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Kiwi Art Trail 2024/25

The Kiwi Art Trail is a collection of 20+ kiwi sculptures that have been turned into bespoke pieces of art by talented New Zealand artists. Brought to you by Gallagher Insurance and Save the Kiwi, the Kiwi Art Trail is a free, family-friendly public art trail for all to enjoy.

Turning trappers into predator hunters

“Chasing Zero with John Bissell” is a video series with tips and tricks that aims to turn trappers into predator hunters help them to ‘catch more’.

Dogs & kiwi

Dogs are important members of many New Zealanders’ families. However, they can be a serious threat to kiwi and other wildlife. Find out how to keep kiwi and other wildlife safe when you’re out and about with your kurī.

Credit: Ngā Manu

Threats to kiwi

Stoats, ferrets and other predators are threatening to wipe out kiwi and other native species all over Aotearoa. Find out about these threats and what you can do to help.

Credit: Lucy Schultz

About our mahi

Save the Kiwi is on a mission to return kiwi to where they once thrived. Find out more about our mahi, who we work with, and why we do what we do.


Kiwi facts

Kiwi have many weird and wonderful features that make it one of the most unique birds in the world. Find out what makes this manu so special.

Credit: Joshua Forrest

Kōhanga Kiwi

Kōhanga Kiwi is a world-leading repopulation strategy driven by Save the Kiwi that is supercharging the growth of the North Island brown kiwi. Find out more about this kaupapa and how the kiwi population is tracking because of it.

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