Save the kiwi by shopping for kiwi

Show your support by purchasing products that help us do what we do.

Save the Kiwi shop

Save the Kiwi Shop

Want to wear our mission on your sleeve? Purchase a limited range of Save the Kiwi gear to show your support.


Kuwi the kiwi

Kuwi the Kiwi books

If you’re after a unique birthday or Christmas gift idea that supports kiwi conservation at the same time (10% of sales are donated to Save the Kiwi), Kuwi the Kiwi is a firm favourite with kids and adults alike.


Crombie Lockwood Honeywrap beeswax wraps

Crombie Lockwood + Honeywrap

Buy a beeswax wrap and help save the kiwi! Our sponsors Crombie Lockwood ran a competition to design a beeswax wrap as a conservation-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Monique from Rotorua (aged 10) created this stunning design which can now be purchased. All proceeds will be donated to Save the Kiwi, plus producers Honeywrap will donate a further $1 for every wrap sold.


Give the gift of a kiwi

Give the gift of a kiwi

Looking for a gift that’s a bit more meaningful than a box of chocolates or a pair of socks? Make a donation to Save the Kiwi on a special someone’s behalf. After you make a donation, you’ll receive an email with a link to download and print out a gift card which you can present to your special someone in lieu of a physical gift. The card outlines Save the Kiwi’s work and what their donation will go towards.


Limited edition kiwi print by Ruby Smythe

Limited edition kiwi print: ‘A Kiwi Calling’

For a gift idea that will stand the test of time, this limited edition print called ‘A Kiwi Calling’ by New Zealand artist Ruby Smythe will look stunning framed on any wall. The artwork captures the moment a kiwi raises its head to call into the night and represents a call for the protection of our national identity and namesake.


Other ways to help


To continuing saving the kiwi, conservation groups need funding. Support the mission by setting up a fundraising project or engaging with other fundraising initiatives.


Protecting Kiwi – Koko

Protect kiwi

For kiwi to thrive, we all need to work together. Find out what you can do to help save the kiwi, wherever in Aotearoa you happen to be.


Donate a day


Make a quick donation, donate a day of annual leave or invest to save the kiwi.


Awhina mai ki a hoki te kiwi ki te wao tapu nui a Tāne
Help return kiwi to where they used to live

Donations over $5 are tax-deductable in Aotearoa. Thank you for supporting kiwi conservation.