Partner with Save the Kiwi to help our national icon not only survive, but thrive

The Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund gives generous donors the opportunity to invest directly into the future of our national icon.

The Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund will future proof the work that Save the Kiwi, iwi groups, the Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai, and kiwi conservation projects do all over New Zealand to enable the kiwi population to not just survive but thrive.

Proceeds from the fund will be invested into predator control, training, the development of more kōhanga sites, incubation, and crèching facilities, and other kiwi conservation initiatives that will ensure the ongoing protection and growth of the national kiwi population long into the future.


Former New Zealand prime ministers and the fund’s ambassadors the Rt Hon. Sir John Key and the Rt Hon. Helen Clark are working together to raise awareness of the plight of the kiwi and encourage prospective donors to contribute to the fund.

Helen Clarke

Rt Hon. Helen Clark

Helen has been a long-standing supporter of conservation. In her early days in Parliament, she served as the Minister of Conservation immediately following the establishment of the Department of Conservation. Over the years she has maintained that love of nature and has explored many of New Zealand’s great walks.

“There are some core values about being a New Zealander that everyone wants to advance, and one of them is looking after our unique biodiversity of which kiwi are a keystone species. I’m very conscious that through the kiwi you can raise awareness of native species and conservation generally. If you can save the kiwi, you can save the korimako/bellbird, the tūī, or the pīwakawaka/fantail. But the kiwi is the flagship, the one that we identify with above all in the bird family.”

Sir John Key

Rt Hon. Sir John Key

Sir John is inadvertently the architect of the strategic plan that underpins much of Save the Kiwi’s work. During his time as Prime Minister, Sir John challenged then Kiwis for kiwi chair Sir Rob Fenwick to provide a robust plan to not just reduce the decline in kiwi populations but also generate growth. This was the catalyst for Save the Kiwi’s kōhanga strategy.

“Not everyone can hold a kiwi, release a kiwi, or see it in its natural environment, but we can teach New Zealanders about the risks, the threats, and the work being done to preserve it. It fits into that feeling of national pride too. We like being called Kiwis – it’s a term of endearment – so let’s make sure the species survives.”



Money held in this fund is invested as capital and left to build over time. The Kiwi Trust is able to use a portion of the earned interest annually to fund its work.


Fund Policy


For more information about the Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund, please download the fund policy.


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Thank you for considering donating to the Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund. Please fill out the following form and Save the Kiwi’s chairperson or a trustee will be in touch, or call Save the Kiwi on (09) 307 4814.

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