The kiwi needs our help – but we are getting there

Where the work is being done, kiwi populations are returning. In some parts of New Zealand, numbers are even increasing. Thanks to the wonderful work of passionate kiwi conservationists all over Aotearoa, our mission to reverse the 2% decline of the national kiwi population is within reach.

Not just surviving but thriving

Save the Kiwi works hand in hand with whānau, hapū, iwi, the Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai, and kiwi conservation groups all over New Zealand to supercharge kiwi populations and reverse the decline of the kiwi quickly. Together we are on the brink of seeing the decline of the kiwi population reversed. Save the Kiwi funds many kiwi conservation groups and initiatives using funding sourced from local government, sponsorship partnerships, and donations from individuals.

In 2022/2023, our financial support achieved the following:

in funding was distributed to projects around Aotearoa

chicks were translocated from kōhanga sites

hectares were protected through our Jobs for Nature funding

chicks hatched at the Gallagher Kiwi Burrow

kiwi were creched at Napier

dogs were put through the official Kiwi Avoidance Training programme

Please note: these figures do not include results funded through Jobs for Nature. For more information about how Save the Kiwi is using our Jobs for Nature funding, click here.

Jobs for Nature projects

The Jobs for Nature programme is investing more than $1.219 billion in jobs for 11,000 people that will restore Aotearoa’s rivers, protect precious places, and ensure our native wildlife thrives. DOC is responsible for allocating $488 million to partners and projects that will create nature-based job opportunities for approximately 4,800 people over five years.

In 2020, Save the Kiwi was announced as a recipient of $19.7 million Jobs for Nature funding which will create up to 200 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and create 110,000 hectares of kiwi-safe habitat. Kiwi conservation projects all over Aotearoa were invited to apply for funding.



Pest-Free Purerua, Bay of Islands

Annual reports

We are proud to share our annual report of achievements from the last financial year, and thank every single person and organisation, both from New Zealand and further afield, who contributed to our efforts in some way.

Note: Prior to October 2021 Save the Kiwi was known as Kiwis for kiwi.