Got your Christmas gifts sorted this year? Why not add this wee chap to the list too.

Meet “Tinsel”. He’s one of the 60-odd kiwi chicks that Kiwis for kiwi will host at our brand-new kiwi crèche in Napier over the coming year. “Tinsel” and his mates will stay with us for around three months while they grow up to a fighting-fit weight of one kilogram, before we release them into the wild.

For every kiwi at our crèche, we need to provide a range of goodies: food, antibiotics, microchipping, and more. All up it costs almost $270 per kiwi for the hamper of consumables they’ll go through while they’re staying with us, which adds up to about $16,000 every year.

This Christmas, we’re hoping you could contribute to some Kiwi Christmas Hampers to give “Tinsel” and co the best start at life. Just $20 will help provide all the food, medical support and microchipping these wee chaps will need to help them thrive when it comes time for them to be released into the wild.

Plus, because it’s Christmas, we want to give away some yuletide joy. For everyone who donates at least $20 in this year’s Christmas appeal, on Christmas Day we will send you a video of “Tinsel” and his buddies hanging out in their crèche and learning how to forage for a feed in the wild.

Please help us to feed and protect these chicks at our kiwi crèche. Your $20 donation (or more if you see fit) will help take our national icon from endangered to everywhere.

Awhina mai ki a hoki te kiwi ki te wao tapu nui a Tāne
Help return kiwi to where they used to live

Donations over $5 are tax-deductable in Aotearoa. Thank you for supporting kiwi conservation.