Save a Kiwi for as little as $5 a month

Save a Kiwi for as little as $5 a month and help guarantee that future generations will see our namesake – the kiwi – in the wild.

New Zealand’s national icon needs your help – Save a Kiwi today

Aotearoa used to be home to millions of kiwi. Today, there are 70,000 left. Save the Kiwi is on a mission to rebuild the kiwi population – but we need your help. Save a Kiwi for as little as $5 a month and help guarantee that future generations will see our national icon – the kiwi – in the wild.


Make a monthly donation

Your donations will help: 

Transporting kiwi eggs

Incubate eggs

95% of chicks that hatch in areas where there is no predator control will die before they reach breed-ing age. Hatching eggs in facilities like the Gallagher Kiwi Burrow inverts that statistic to a 95% survival rate when chicks are released into predator-free sanctuaries, and a 65% survival rate when they’re released at the ‘stoat-proof’ weight of 1kg into predator-controlled habitat. 

Kiwi chick hatches on live television

Feed kiwi chicks

During their stay at an incubation or crèching facility, kiwi chicks are fed a specialist diet which mimics what they’d eat in the wild. They use this time to essentially learn how to feed and fend for themselves. They also receive regular health checks that monitor their growth medication when necessary. 

Feral Cat Trap

Protect from predators

To return kiwi to the wild, the wild first needs to be safe for them. Intensive predator control is essential all over New Zealand to protect all native species, not just kiwi. Predator control is hard, laborious, often thankless work, but it’s essential to the long-term survival of kiwi and other wildlife.

North Island Brown Kiwi

Release kiwi into the wild

Save the Kiwi’s Kōhanga Kiwi kaupapa is a world-leading species repopulation strategy. Kiwi chicks are released into predator-free sanctuaries or islands and are left to breed. Their offspring – and their offspring’s offspring – are used to bolster existing populations or create new ones. Save the Kiwi will release hundreds of kiwi from kōhanga sites into new environment every year.


When I sign up to Save a Kiwi, will I actually be saving a specific kiwi?
In the same way that other conservation groups allow generous donors to ‘sponsor a penguin’ or ‘adopt a snow leopard’, when you sign up to Save a Kiwi you will not be supporting a specific kiwi. You regular (weekly or monthly) donations will go towards all manner of kiwi conservation efforts, including incubating kiwi eggs, feeding kiwi chicks, creating kiwi-safe habitat, and creating new populations of kiwi in the wild.

What will happen when I sign up to Save a Kiwi?
From the day you sign up to Save a Kiwi, you will start making regular (weekly or monthly) donations to Save the Kiwi. Your generous donations will support kiwi conservation efforts like restoring habitat and building new populations of kiwi. In return, you will receive regular updates about the work that Save the Kiwi does. On your one-year sponsorship anniversary, you will receive a gift from us to thank you for your ongoing support. From time to time, there may also be events you will be invited to, like tree planning events or a kiwi release.

Can my business get involved?
Yes! We have monthly plans available to any business or organisation that wants to make regular donations. Please email with ‘Business Save a Kiwi information’ in the subject line for more information.