A new kiwi conservation partnership will allow guests of one of New Zealand’s largest hotel group, Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand, an opportunity to donate a meal or a ‘room’ for a night to Save the Kiwi. This innovative approach sees the guest reducing their own room servicing needs so they can ensure a kiwi gets feed and a safe environment to grow.

Save the Kiwi, a leading conservation charity dedicated to the preservation of New Zealand’s national icon, kiwi, is pleased to enter this new partnership with Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand, a prominent hospitality group with 18 hotels throughout New Zealand. From 1 July, every time a guest chooses the daily ‘no room servicing’ option at any of its Millennium, Copthorne, Kingsgate or M Social hotels in New Zealand, the group will donate a meal for a kiwi at Save the Kiwi’s kiwi crèche in Napier. For larger conference groups, for every five rooms that aren’t serviced by housekeeping, Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand will donate to a kiwi a room for a night in the kiwi crèche.

This exciting collaboration brings together two organisations that share a common vision of protecting and nurturing New Zealand’s unique wildlife and natural heritage. The partnership will focus on supporting kiwi conservation efforts through various initiatives aimed at raising awareness and providing a safe environment for kiwi to hatch and grow, ready to be returned to the wild.

Stuart Harrison, Managing Director of Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand: “Providing a safe place for young kiwi to grow, daily meals and a ‘room’ for their night in the Napier kiwi crèche has great synergies, as Millennium Hotels and Resorts does this every day for our guests. Our support of meals and ‘rooms’ for kiwi are just the start of Millennium’s commitment to Save the Kiwi and an important part of our sustainability initiatives.”

Save the Kiwi has been at the forefront of kiwi conservation for more than 30 years, working tirelessly to ensure the survival and flourishing of this iconic bird species. Their expertise, passion, and dedication have played a significant role in increasing the kiwi population throughout New Zealand.

Millennium Hotel and Resorts New Zealand is renowned for its hospitality delivery throughout New Zealand providing hotels for Kiwis and international travellers to stay the night to rest, recover and explore the country’s natural environment.

Michelle Impey, Executive Director of Save the Kiwi, said “We are delighted to have Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand join our partners in our mission to protect kiwi. With their strong commitment to hospitality and sustainability, we can continue to rear chicks in our Napier kiwi crèche until they reach a ‘stoat-proof’ weight of around 1kg. After this point, usually around three months, they are released into a predator-managed habitat in the wild to grow and breed the next generation of kiwi.”

Stuart continues: “We are proud to join forces with Save the Kiwi to support this vital conservation work being done to protect the kiwi. With our properties located throughout New Zealand, we understand the importance of preserving New Zealand’s unique wildlife, and this partnership allows us to contribute directly to this significant cause.”

By joining forces, Save the Kiwi and Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand aim to continue to make a significant difference in the preservation of Aotearoa’s national icon, kiwi.