Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology, infrastructure and smart devices has joined Kiwis for kiwi’s group of key sponsors to help fund more kiwi conservation efforts around the country. The announcement comes just in time for the beginning of the 2020 kiwi hatching season.

Huawei has been improving the connectivity of New Zealand communities since 2005. Now, Huawei deputy managing director Andrew Bowater says the company is excited to get involved in helping to preserve New Zealand’s most iconic native bird.

“New Zealand is renowned all over the world for its clean, green reputation and unique wildlife,” he says. “But not everyone knows that New Zealand’s most recognisable icon, the kiwi, could disappear from the wild in just a few generations. It’s hard to imagine future generations growing up without our national symbol. The work that Kiwis for kiwi does is crucial for New Zealand and we’re proud to get behind them.”

Kiwis for kiwi executive director Michelle Impey says welcoming a leading-edge technology company to their family of sponsors is a big deal for the charity.

“Kiwis for kiwi have some big goals, and technology will be key to helping us achieve them,” she says. “Huawei is well known for its commitments in using technology to help conservationists develop new ways of protecting natural habitats. Partnering with such a technology heavy-weight like Huawei proves that kiwi conservation is an issue that’s not just important to local conservation organisations, it’s also becoming increasingly important to big business.”

Image credit: Neil Hutton