Migrant Investor Visas

If you want to emigrate to New Zealand via an investor business migration visa and you fit within one of the two investor visa categories (Investor 2 or Investor Plus), part of your investment can be donated as philanthropic gifts to registered charities like Save the Kiwi.

Migrant investor donations to Save the Kiwi

Save the Kiwi (The Kiwi Trust, New Zealand Charities Commission Registration Number: CC47976) is the national charity that supports community kiwi conservation projects. The Kiwi Trust meets the criteria for acceptable investment under the terms of the Immigration New Zealand Business Migration Policy.

Philanthropic investments can make up 15% of your acceptable investments. The maximum donations that can be assessed within your application are:

Investor Plus category: NZD$1,500,000

Investor 2 category: NZD$225,000

Gnocci the kiwi

What impact your investment could have

Save the Kiwi will utilise your donation to support our work all over New Zealand.

NZD$10,000 will support a community kiwi conservation group for a year.

There are more than 100 iwi and community kiwi conservation operating across New Zealand. Most of these are volunteer organisations that perform a range of kiwi conservation work including:

  • The development and maintenance of predator-free or predator-controlled zones
  • Call count monitoring (an annual census of kiwi populations)
  • Operation Nest Egg, including identification of birds, affixing transmitters, and lifting eggs
  • Community education, including kiwi avoidance training for dogs, and recruiting additional volunteers
NZD$25,000 will fund our national training seminar.

Every year we host a national hui (meeting) for representatives from all kiwi conservation groups all over New Zealand. Save the Kiwi and the Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai meet the costs of staging the event, provide food and accommodation for the attendees, and deliver a range of speakers and workshop sessions to up-skill our volunteer workforce. The seminar is held in the North Island and South Island on an annual rotational basis.

NZD$70,000 will meet the costs of transmitters for tracking birds for one year.

Kiwi are elusive creatures, so in order to keep track of them, check on their health, and retrieve eggs for incubation, hatching and release, it is vital that we affix transmitters to birds. The cost of transmitters is significant and the battery life of each unit means that we need to replace them annually.

NZD$250,000 will pay for a portable incubation unit.

Much of Save the Kiwi’s work revolves around Kōhanga Kiwi. This growth strategy enables us to ‘supercharge’ the kiwi population by significantly increasing the number of eggs that are hatched via incubators. Kiwi hatched through the Operation Nest Egg programme have a significantly higher chance of survival than eggs left in their natural habitat, so we work to hatch as many birds in controlled facilities as possible.


Awhina mai ki a hoki te kiwi ki te wao tapu nui a Tāne
Help return kiwi to where they used to live

Donations over $5 are tax-deductable in Aotearoa. Thank you for supporting kiwi conservation.