On a very wet and humid Friday morning in February, the Save the Kiwi team met 10 Jarden staff members and representatives from Ngāti Paoa, Thames Coast Kiwi Care, and Rotoroa Island Trust at Okahu Bay in Auckland. The mission? To safely deliver three kiwi chicks across the moderately bumpy seas to Rotoroa Island and release them into the pest-free sanctuary.

Chatting with the Jarden team throughout the day, the opportunity to get up close and personal with not one, not two, but three kiwi chicks was incredibly special. Jarden joined Save the Kiwi’s sponsorship whānau in 2020 and since then has enthusiastically donated both finances and time to the mission to create more kiwi-safe habitat and restore kiwi populations all over Aotearoa. For these staff, it was wonderful to experience first-hand what Jarden as an organisation is so committed to.

Jarden Corporate Communications Manager Adam Szentes says the opportunity to release a kiwi onto Rotoroa Island was unforgettable.

“It was such a special experience, seeing this unique and delicate bird being released into its safe new home for the next few months, with so much passion and commitment from everyone involved.”

Thank you to Jarden for their enthusiastic support of kiwi conservation and Save the Kiwi. Theirs is a prime example of a proud Kiwi organisation that uses their influence and resources for the good of the rest of New Zealand. During Save the Kiwi Week 2021, Jarden donated a massive $350,000 to kiwi conservation, plus they have been extensively involved in setting up the Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund. Jarden’s generosity is making a tangible impact on the future of kiwi, and we’re so honoured to work alongside them.

While the day wasn’t filled with blue skies (thanks, Cyclone Dovi), it was filled with a huge amount of joy and enthusiasm from everyone who attended. Thanks to Ngāti Paoa who generously taught us about the history of the island and its importance to mana whenua and the Rotoroa Island team who graciously hosted everyone on their beautiful island (and even baked banana cake for lunch), everyone who attended had a memorable day.