Become a kiwi conservation volunteer and help save New Zealand’s iconic national bird.

Volunteers are the heart of many kiwi conservation projects. The time, expertise, and energy pledged by volunteers are vital to help Save the Kiwi achieve our goals.

Kiwi are under threat all over New Zealand. If you’re keen to volunteer to help save kiwi, read on to find out what volunteer opportunities are available near you.

Community conservation volunteer work

Community-led kiwi conservation programmes are underway all over New Zealand, and many are supported by The Kiwi Trust (the trust behind Save the Kiwi). Find out what kiwi conservation projects are near your place.

DOC volunteer opportunities

Every year, the Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai offers a range of conservation volunteer opportunities throughout the country. Find out what DOC volunteer opportunities are available.

Join the predator-free movement

Predator Free 2050 is a national movement that’s aiming to eradicate the most damaging introduced predators from Aotearoa by 2050. Communities, iwi, experts, businesses, government and non-government organisations, and individuals like you are working together to achieve this mission. Much of what Save the Kiwi does works hand in hand with Predator Free 2050. Find out how to join the movement.


Set up your own community kiwi care group

If you live near wild kiwi that are not being managed and want to volunteer to help, you could set up a community kiwi care group.

Talk to DOC
For advice and guidance about what can be done in your neck of the woods, talk to staff from your local DOC Area Office.

Find funding
Finding funding will probably be a top priority. A good place to start is to apply for a grant from The Kiwi Trust. Applications open in early April each year.

Other funding opportunities
Funding may also be available through Lotto (administered by the Department of Internal Affairs), Predator Free 2050, the Ministry for the Environment, and the NZ Landcare Trust which has a lot of experience helping groups successfully apply for grants from DOC, the Ministry for the Environment, and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Setting up & running a group
Read this toolkit about how to set up and run a community project. This tool kit was created by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Pet dogs

Pet owners

Dogs and kiwi don’t mix. Whether you want to take Murphy, Charlie or Spot on a hike or on holiday, find out how to make sure your dog never meets a kiwi in the wild.


Hunting dog


Pig, deer, or duck … It doesn’t matter what you like to hunt, you could run into a kiwi in the wild. Find out more about your responsibilities when it comes to kiwi conservation before you head out on your next hunting trip.



Forest owners

Kiwi can thrive in managed plantation forests if a few simple precautions are taken. Learn how you can protect wild kiwi without impacting the management of your forest.


Farm land

Farmers and landowners

A significant proportion of kiwi live on private land. If you’re a farmer or own land, find out how you can keep kiwi living on your property safe.